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Become The Most Organized Mover With These Moving Steps
13 May 2015

If you are a person that likes to be well prepared and organized in every aspect of their lives then there is no exception when it comes to relocation. This is a time where being well prepared will help you in the long run for a stress-free and fast move. Packing and unpacking will be a breeze with these super well thought out tips to make your move a perfect one.

-    Colour code. Invest in colour coded labels to stick to your ready packed boxes and then you can stick them on the doors of the rooms where your boxes will need to be allocated. You can buy stickers that will allow you extra writing space so that you can list what each box contains. Alternatively, connect your codes to a note pad and use that to make your list. This will also be helpful if you have hired house movers as they will be able to easily tell which boxes go where.

-    Get everything packed first. Whether it’s a removal company or a gang of your most helpful friends, make sure everything is packed, labelled and ready to go as soon as they arrive; best to get it all sorted the night before. You can arrange your boxes in the order in which they need to go down. If you have hired a man and van then put the things you want to unpack last into the van first. Don’t forget to write on the box if something is particularly heavy or delicate to avoid any injuries or breakages.

-    Talk to moving companies beforehand. You want to make sure your valuables are safe, so check that whoever you are hiring has up-to-date insurance and no strange rules hidden in the small print.

-    Take photos. Your camera is going to be very important for your home removal. Use it to take photos of your old place when it is clean and all your stuff is gone and any current damage on your new home. This will ensure that you don’t lose any of your deposit for something you shouldn’t be held responsible for. You can also take photos of electrical appliances and their wires, so that you know which wires go where when you are putting things back together.

-    Two weeks before. Two weeks before your move it is a good idea to change your address with banks and anyone else who may need it and transfer your utilities. This is also a good time to get in your final food shopping trip as you don’t want to end up having a load of food to move or throw away.

-    Six weeks before. Plenty of time to get together the things that you don’t want anymore and don’t want the hassle of moving, You can start to sell six weeks before your move to make sure they are off your hands well in advance and you can use any money you have made to help you with moving expenses.

-    The day before. Get last minute touches done the day before your move; this is the time you will need to defrost your freezer ready to be wiped down later that evening and get a good clean done. If you have any nail holes in your wall, try rubbing a bar of soap over them as this will help to fill them in without having to buy expensive filler which can take time to dry and will look obvious to your landlord.

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