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Matthew W. 05 Jan 2024
From start to finish everything about this service was fantastic. They were quick and proactive in their approach, while the team on the day went above and beyond in being cordial, careful and efficient.
Luke B. 11 Dec 2023
My goods were packed with great care and attention to detail.
Ellen Wayne 03 Nov 2023
Prompt turn up for moving day, everything delicate being taken care of diligently with timely door-to-door service.
K. Bains 24 Oct 2023
We were most appreciative of the amazing services given to us during our latest office relocation; everything seemed to run so smoothly thanks to their organizing skills. Response times were ideal, while the removal team were both experienced and fast-working.
Jay S. 24 Feb 2023
Overall, hiring WestKensingtonRemovals has been by far the easiest process compared to many others before them - everything was completed with relative ease and speed! Knowing this means that in future should I need help relocating then these guys are at the top of my list!
Marc Isaac 02 Oct 2015
Moving West Kensington is for sure the best removals company in our area. Most removal companies are slow, unorganised and cause a lot of stress and hassle to their clients and what's more is that they also require their clients to get involved and help out with the hard work and lifting but this company was not like that, they remained professional at all times.
Joe P. 31 Jul 2015
My wife and I were really pleased with the home removal from Moving West Kensington. They packed and moved all the furniture for us, which just so happens to be my least favourite part of moving so I was happy someone did it for me! They took great care of all our belongings and they were very respectful to us. Great service, very happy.
Dean V. 24 Jun 2015
Usually I don't look forward to removals day. Across my previous two flat moves, things haven't been easy, but, upon the arrival of Movers West Kensington, everything turned out great on this latest occasion. Being at university, I have little time for student moving, especially as my latest move came during exams - I literally had no time to tidy up. I would've preferred to have moved out at a later date but our landlord said we had to pack our things and be out before the trimester had even finished! Luckily I had a mate whose brother worked for the company. They were so good with us and helped us pack all our stuff into boxes systematically, legends!
Roberta Brady 12 Nov 2014
I would like to recommend WestKensingtonRemovals if you are moving office or house. They can help in any moving situation. I have used them on two occasions now and have been very happy with the service and cost. The staff are so nice and do a great job and are hardworking and courteous. Nothing is too much they will try to fit in with your diary and lifestyle. They have a wealth of experience and know how to deal with all types of moves.
Kelly Hammond 18 Sep 2014
I recommend WestKensingtonRemovals for high quality removal services. And I am sure you will be very impressed with the services too. Thanks so much to all the guys working and helping me with my move. It couldn't have been easy sorting it all out but they did it and they did an amazing job of it so thanks a lot for your help. I am very impressed with your services and would hire you again if I needed to.
Doris Collins 16 Jul 2014
You can't beat good value for money, and with the international removals rates we got form WestKensingtonRemovals we thought there was no chance that the whole thing would pass without some sort of drama! However, it was particularly uneventful, which suited me perfectly... We are now settled in the south of France, and everything is wonderful! Again, I must thank everyone at the company for giving us such a good deal, and making us feel so wonderfully calm and at home whilst we were in the process of the move!
Everett F. 26 Jun 2014
After moving into my new house, I am astonished by the horror stories which other people have about moving home. I did a bit of research among friends and family and the name which kept coming up in every conversation was WestKensingtonRemovals. So they were the ones I hired to help me and - after hearing everyone's horror stories - I was expecting a difficult move. This didn't turn out to be the case, however, as they took care of me in an excellent fashion. I could not have hoped for more and I will certainly be hiring them next time.
Paula 02 Jun 2014
I only used WestKensingtonRemovals by chance really, I happened to notice and advert, stuck to a lamppost, whilst shopping around my local town and knowing that I needed to hire some help to move into my new flat soon, I saved their number. Luckily for me it was the right decisions because this company offer amazing services, they offer anything form packing to storage, I only needed a man with a van on this occasion buts it's good to know for future reference. I'll definitely use them again when something crops up, you can't beat their price anywhere, I've tried!
John Adams 21 May 2014
WestKensingtonRemovals were just great - they gave us a provisional quote on the telephone, then came over to give us a hands on assessment. Both the visit and the initial quote were free of charge - a great start, and made us feel very comfortable with the firm. It seemed only fair - and sensible - to give them the contract. No other moving business we approached seemed interest in us unless we were willing to sign on the dotted line immediately. We were assigned our own small team who were very personable and professional. Loved it!
Rufus P. 08 May 2014
Moving house is always going to be stressful, there is no avoiding that really, as it is a process that involves everything that you own being moved about a lot, and it all hinges on some tight timings as well, especially if you are doing the whole thing in one day. I was really glad to have had WestKensingtonRemovals on my side, as they showed me a great deal about how to move safely, and it was a removal that certainly went more smoothly than others I have undergone! If anyone out there needs a good, honest and hard working removals company, you've just found them.
Pauline Strickland 14 Apr 2014
Moving house is a difficult series of processes that can really take their toll on you, so it is essential that you find a removals team that are well placed to ensure that you can get the job done safely, relying on their expertise and knowledge. I found WestKensingtonRemovals to be absolutely crucial in ensuring that my removal went extremely well, and that I could not fault them on any part of their service. I will be using them again, though I hope that I won't need to for a long while!
Charlotte W. 29 Mar 2014
I was really impressed with the removal services of WestKensingtonRemovals I think I moved in record time! From booking a date for an estimate, to the date for the move it went so fast. Our cost we were quoted was good, and there were no extra hidden fees, the price we got was what we paid. The complete removal was done competently and great care was taken with my possessions. The employees I dealt with were reliable and efficient. Nothing went wrong on the day; it all went to the schedule. Well done and thank you for a hassle free time.
Justin Cook 19 Mar 2014
So when it comes time to move home, you can often find that finding the right removals company is the hardest thing. This is what I was like, calling round to loads of people, trying to find the best deal. It took a while, but eventually I found WestKensingtonRemovals. From then on I was sorted; they provided everything I needed at a really great price. That made moving home far simpler, knowing that I had the experts on hand to help me out. There's not much more I can say beyond how much better they made my move. Thanks.
Kenny L. 18 Feb 2014
Having just relocated here I was in need of some storage as I was downsizing moving in from the countryside. I looked at a few companies but went with WestKensingtonRemovals because for the money, the location was just too good to turn down. That was about 14 months ago, and I felt compelled to leave a review now because I have just come back from my unit and the staff there were as helpful as ever and are always incredibly accommodating of my regular access needs. This is a great service and real value-for-money. I would recommend these guys to anyone.